Julianne Young’s Involvement with the wacky Freedom First Society

Julianne Young has for several years organized local chapters in Bingham County of the wacky Freedom First Society, an offshoot of the radical John Birch Society.

I have been asked by a supporter of Julianne Young to stop being “aggressive” and to stop calling Julianne a liar. This is my response.

Julianne Young has AGGRESSIVELY ran around Bingham County FOR YEARS playing “global conspiracy,” meeting with hundreds of Bingham County residents to spread her global conspiracy lies.

Julianne Young’s aggressive, false, and divisive global conspiracy accusations against our Bingham County local government officials have hurt real people who work hard for Bingham County every single day.

If Julianne Young was a flat-earther, I would not be so critical or “aggressive” in my responses. Idaho does not have a naval fleet, so it wouldn’t matter very much if an Idaho legislator believed that the earth was flat and not round. But Julianne Young’s global conspiracy beliefs poison many of her interactions with Bingham County officials, farmers, educators, and first responders. Julianne Young’s global conspiracy beliefs also affect how she votes on bills, such as her vote to restrict the mandatory reporting of child abuse and her vote to allow predatory medical debt collection by unscrupulous attorneys.

I have spoken with several prominent Republicans in Bingham County who are tired of Julianne’s lies and who have reached out to me to tell me good job. They consider Julianne and her Idaho Freedom Foundation allies to have been extremely aggressive and underhanded in their campaign tactics during the last two primary elections.

Julianne Young has repeatedly lied during her last two elections when she said our Bingham County government officials are part of a global conspiracy. That’s just wacky. I recently bought Julianne Young’s DVD for $7 where she repeats these global conspiracy lies. Last time I checked this DVD was still being sold for $7 by the Freedom First Society. So until that DVD is no longer sold and Julianne Young takes back her global conspiracy accusations made against our Bingham County government officials, I will call her a liar.

Julianne Young is perfectly free to use her First Amendment right to free speech to perpetuate her lies, but I am also free to use my First Amendment rights to call out her lies until she takes them back.

I just checked Julianne’s Facebook page, and she still has the video posted with the lie that says only “a couple” Republicans voted for the Right to Repair bill in committee. That is a false recollection. Julianne Young should admit that she remembered the vote wrong and take down the part of the video with the false recollection.

Julianne Young boosted that Facebook video to get 3,000+ views where she repeated this false recollection 3,000+ times. That is a paid political advertisement that contains a falsehood.

Our Bingham County farmers need Right to Repair passed so they can harvest their crops. Our Bingham County farmers do not need a politician who will lie about Right to Repair in order to defeat it. I am totally serious when I say I will not stand for that nonsense. I will fight tooth and nail for farmers’ Right to Repair.

I admit Julianne is probably a good neighbor and a good friend to her friends, but there’s no way Julianne Young should be in the Idaho legislature. Julianne’s friends might be willing to overlook her lies, but others like me are willing to call her on them, especially because these lies are hurting Bingham County farmers and local Bingham County government officials.

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