Who is Representative Julianne Young?

Julianne Young speaks at a Freedom First Society Meeting.

Leader of the Freedom First Society
Although she has tried to hide from this, for years Julianne Young has carefully developed a cult-like following in Bingham County as a leader of a global conspiracy group, the wacky Freedom First Society, an offshoot of the long-discredited John Birch Society.

Global Conspiracy Accusations

See Julianne’s conspiracy videos on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEVildv5wucIJpn77ua-zPw .

Julianne Young has repeatedly accused our Bingham County local government officials of being part of a global conspiracy. Julianne’s false accusations have divided our county while creating a large group of followers and volunteers who push her crazy global conspiracy theories. 

Idaho Freedom Foundation Puppet

Julianne Young has received thousands of dollars in contributions from board members of the radical libertarian Idaho Freedom Foundation and tens of thousands of dollars in support from out-of-area and out-of-state allies connected to the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Julianne needed to spend twice as much in the Republican primary in order to win by less than 300 votes! Julianne knows she is dependent on out-of-county support connected to the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Tom Loertscher, a Republican legislator for 20+ years, said in the Post Register on April 30, 2020, “The Idaho Freedom Foundation is not conservatism. It is actually something else that is disguised as conservatism . . . They’re preaching anarchy at every level and that is a sad thing.”

Frank VanderSloot, the richest man in Idaho and a top Republican donor, in an interview posted on April 27, 2020, with East Idaho News has called the politicians allied with the Idaho Freedom Foundation a bunch of “wingnuts.”

Julianne Young followed the Idaho Freedom Foundation by voting AGAINST House Bill 452, farmers’ Right to Repair, voting AGAINST House Bill 515, which ended high attorney fees on medical debt collection, voting AGAINST House Bill 538, which restricted vaping device access for teens, and voting FOR House Bill 455, to limit the mandatory reporting of child abuse.

Bingham County voters deserve a state representative who will listen to them and vote for bills that will help Bingham County families.

Please vote for Travis Oler and against Julianne Young in the upcoming election for Bingham County’s Idaho State Representative for Seat 31B.

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